Thinking of Becoming a Plumber

You should seriously consider becoming a plumber if you love to fix and create things. Plumbers are very sought-after workers, which makes plumbing a career with great earning possibilities. You would be able to count on many benefits and excellent potential this career offers.

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On the Job Training

Compared to other schools and courses that last a considerable amount of time and some may take years, plumbing allows you to learn how to do it while you are at work and already started to earn. You are actually paid while being an apprentice. Another perk is that you have no debts left from getting a college degree, or any investment of funds for tuition.



Being a plumber, your earning potential is great. There is a high demand for plumbers across the U.S., in all big cities. You have a possibility to earn over $250,000 on a yearly basis.

Job Security and Nationwide Opportunity

As for the growth of different blue-collar jobs on a national level, plumbing is growing fast! It is expected to have an increase of over 20% until 2022. With this facts, choosing plumbing as a career promises employment and significant earnings. Plumbers also have no need to fear becoming redundant, as this profile is always in demand. In addition to that, there are no machines that can substitute people in this work.

Jobs are Available Now

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Plumbers seeking employment can find a job right now. There are numerous opportunities across America. In the U.S., plumbers are needed in every country but working opportunities range from smaller to average and above average possibilities for employment. The countries offering above average opportunities include OK, MT, WY, NE, LA, and more.  Most U.S. countries have a moderate demand for professional plumbers.

Opportunity to Advance your career

Besides great earning possibilities and having a secure job meaning that your job will not be downsized you are also able to have opportunities to advance in your plumbing career. If you are hardworking and dedicated and willing to gain as much experience and as many skills as possible, you can reach other relevant and higher-paid job positions.

So, being a plumber, you can start as a service technician and be able to become an installer over time. Also, by being committed and knowledgeable, you might advance to distribution management and operation management.

Therefore, opportunities are great for plumbers right now, and are expected to be even better in years to come. If you weren’t sure whether it pays out to become a plumber, now you can rest assured it does and it will!